No need to choose between my dog or my bike

When I decided to acquire a dog, I realized that I would have to give up some activities that I like. Or at least limit them. One of my big joys was biking. I could of course lead my dog next to my bike but that is in city traffic not safe for me nor my dog. Enjoy time on the bike in the nature without my four-legged friend would be too sad. But one should never give up hope! And the solution was found with the PONY4!

PONY4 enables me to set off for a couple of days and cross without stress cities, busy roads and nature. On car-less ways I let my girl-dog run freely, in cities I transport her comfortably and safely in the dog transport box behind me.


I was worried if I could carry such a big dog. I am no athlete, my dog weighs 30kg, my tent, sleeping bag and dog food. It adds up fast for a couple of days… My worries evaporated immediately after the first trip. I drove 80km in hilly terrain without any training or preparation… The day after, nothing, no painful back, neck, wrists or legs. The next day I drove another 100 km, again nothing… Uphill the electro motor assists me well, how could I otherwise lift such a heavy load, on flat or down-hill I can handle with muscle power. And the seat position is really relax!


Since then I ride with my dog on the PONY4 through the city to work. I managed to combine two pleasant activities in one and spend much more time in a way that my 4-legged friend and me like.


Irena and Honey

45 and 3 years

Brno, Czech Republic

Occupation: electro project designer

(Honey is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, a recent breed created by crossing German Shepherds with Carpathian grey wolves)