My Pony 4

It all started with the search for a bicycle which I can ride even with my “limitations”. I have had multiple sclerosis since 1996 and for the last two years I had increased problems with my sense of balance. This led to the fact that I was threatened to fall down from my normal bike. I was almost ready to distance myself from the idea of being able to ride a bicycle.

If the little voice in my head hadn’t repeated “There has to be a way”!

 Now the search and testing had started. I tested some cargo bikes and some recumbents. The cargo bikes all failed in our, let’s say cautiously “difficult conditions”. Of the recumbent bikes tested, at least one made the cut. So far, I have used the bike mainly to do fitness training in the woods with my dogs. I also owned a dog trailer, but none of my dogs liked it. With the recumbent this would have come back into use. But then I thought, if I need a new solution it should be a perfect one!
This gave me the idea to combine all these things together allowing me to ride with dogs on the bike in road sections or long distance..

At some point during my research, I came across the Pony 4 website and saw the pictures. I have immediately contacted them and explained my problems and ideas. It was a pleasure to talk to people who didn’t see the problems but were already looking for solutions during the conversation. The balance problem had already been solved by the 4 wheels! Now there was another problem on how to transport 3 dogs including the off-road capability with the extreme gradients over gravel paths in the Palatinate Forest. For the transport of the dogs I got support from a professional dog box manufacturer ( and was perfectly supported and advised. Here, too, everything went like clockwork. The developers of the Pony 4 also found solutions to all other problems very quickly. Very wonderful feeling when a plan works.

 And what can I say………….. My expectations were exceeded!

Since I have had my pony, I went for long rides with my dogs almost every day. These routes are usually between 10 and 20 km and often with over 500 metres of elevation gain. All through the forests with not always easy conditions. Now I don’t have to pay any attention to avoiding roads or for the total distance when planning the route. The dogs love the pony just as much as I do and enjoy riding along. We already have planned bigger trips with the pony for the summer.

It really is perfect for my needs and I hope that through the Pony 4 many more people will be able to rediscover or extend their mobility.


Many greetings

Katja with the Border Collies May, Joy and Eywa

Dernbach, Germany