A workhorse for a Scandinavian farm

It reads like the most unlikely choice but we don’t regret it!

 When we decided to set up our sustainable small-hold at the southern edge of the Scandinavian mountains we knew we were going to aim for a cutting edge logistic solution.

Within the spirit of sustainable development we needed an environmentally-friendly vehicle that would allow easy travel between field locations, allow transport of some equipment and act as a highly visible & mobile market stall in the local area.

The PONY4 cargo bike offered all of these, it lived up to its promise and also promotes our good health! It’s a pure joy to ride & its capacity to manage rough terrain in & around the farm inspires. From gravel mountain-roads to wet clayey fields, our PONY4 has never let us down! With the extremes of Scandinavia, its snow-covered tracks… with its spiked snow tyres our PONY4 also seems to be quite content to carry us wherever we need to go.

We always look forward to driving this amazing vehicle!


38 years

Dalsland, Sweden